Direct target groups that will participate in the project implementation.

The direct target groups are:


  • Teachers, researchers and professors from the participant HEIs.
  • Students from the participant HEIs.
  • Researchers, VET trainers and staff from the SMEs participating on the project.


Indirect target groups with interest in exploiting the RIVERTEMP project outputs and outcomes:


  • University professors and teachers from HEI not directly participating on the RIVERTEMP project, with interest in environmental education, hydrological sciences, aquatic ecology and biodiversity, water management, geography, geology, agronomy, to include Temporary Rivers (TRs) in their courses and subjects they teach.
  • Researchers in environmental and natural sciences from all over the world with scientific interest in rivers, water, and biodiversity management.
  • Master and PHD students from HEIs not participating directly on the project, interested in learning river science, with specific attention to TRs.
  • Post-Graduate and adult learners interested in water resources management and citizen science.
  • VET institutions.
  • Adult education institutions.
  • NGOs providing non-formal courses in environmental topics and water resources management for young people.
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